Monday, October 29, 2012

Before October Ends

Hello! Just wanna share some October moments with the awesome people who visits my blog.

Being lazy at  home. I'm 65% like this this month. *Oops

A box of photographs.

Finally! A nice leather jacket.

I will clean this tomorrow, I promise! If not, read this again. Haha

My everyday needs.

I travel a lot this month. I go alone to Manila like 2x a week and it's 3hrs away from home. It's boring at the bus with those scary movies on tv*I hate horror movies, it's freaking me out when I'm about to sleep at night and...let's face it. It's gross!*, I keep bumping my head on the window and that is so hurtful you know. Neck pillow and a good book made my commuting less boring and bumpy. 

I'm thinking of getting a haircut but I think I'll hate myself for doing that. It's so hard to make decisions! *Well, not actually. You know, girls have a hard time for this kind of things*

My one-eyed piggy bank is on the job again! I miss saving money last semester because I love to eat. *Nothing more. That's all! Haha* I'm a total parsimonious and I like it. I like it a lot and I think it's genetic. Seriously, my family is like that, except my father, I guess.

Dinner with high school classmates. Our classmate Bea came from Australia after 4 years!

My request. Barbecue night with family.

A shadow of a flower.

Nonna and sisters.

Meet the spoiled dog. Carlotta.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Inspirations Worldwide!

I am so overwhelmed that the amazing artists I knew*Thanks WorldWideWeb! I'm able to find them* and look forward to allow me to have their photos post here. They are so kind to me. I told them that they can send me a photo, but they insist that I can choose any photo that I want to use. And that is so nice of them! 

So let's start. I'm gonna introduce to you the persons*along w/ their photos* that I always dream to meet and work with.*can't stop dreaming!*

She is from Norway. She inspires me everyday through her 365 Project. Without her thinking, she made me discover photoshop*because I am so curious how the vintage/special effect was done*, shoot more, and love photography even more! She is my first inspiration on the web and I like her a lot! One time, she had this mini-photo album which contains of her photos and I commented "I wish I could win one of those though I'm across your country" and she replied "I hope for you to win. Goodluck!" After months, she announced that I'm one of the lucky winners! I got the mini-photo book after a month and  I carry it everywhere I stay. Whenever I feel bored, I just open it and I'm inspired. Now I got this ONLY ART THAT I CAN DO and that is my creativity on my photos.  

her work


Amanda Wong is from Singapore! *Hey. maybe we could meet some time? She's just near my country. Perfect!* Anyways, Amanda *according on her 'about me'* is a business student and an expressive fashion photographer. She is a dreamer, a lover of nature, light and all the beauty there is on earth. I got inspired. Again. I practiced taking portraits with her works on my mind. Her works never fail to inspire me. She shoots everywhere and that made me want to shoot everywhere too. Uhmm, you know , I guess it is no easy to shoot on beach or rivers because of the risk that your camera might get wet and be a problem. But with her lovely photos, she made me want to try

her work
Facebook Page: Amanda JR Photography
Blog: beautifuladieu

 Meet Julia Trotti!
Julia from Australia! *hmm, so I guess, we three can go out together?* I found her blog as I was searching for free downloadable curves. She have this Free Curve Friday that made me love her more! She's 21 and her works are already on magazines. I idolized her! I find her photos awesome with the lovely places where she took her stunning photos and how she made those curves that made the photo look more dramatic! I don't know what else to say, she's beyond awesome! 

her work

She just moved to Ireland! I found her the night before I decided to do this post. I think it's what they call love at first sight! Yes, I really fell in love with her work and that is why her work is here! Her photos are so strong! Uhmm, as I said earlier, I found her blog the night before I decided to make this and that means I don't know her that much yet. I don't even know what she looks like. She don't have a lot of self-portraits on social pages so I think, I should take a very careful guess! *yay* So, I think this is her! *please correct me if I'm wrong*

her work

There you go. I wish my inspirations will inspire the all of you. They're every work never fail to amaze me! Sometimes I tell myself*I also tell it to them through comments* that I wish I could be like them! They serve as a guide for me on pursuing my dreams! And of course, God and my family will always be on the top of them!

Who's your inspiration? Share it to us!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fake Golden Sun

If you don't know yet. I live in the Philippines and I love golden sun but, as they say, golden sun is not just an ordinary light. Sunrise and sunset hours are the golden sun hours. Uhmm, the far you are from the equator, the more golden sun you'll get. Unfortunately, we're just near. lol.

So, here! 
Haha. I post-processed my photos on photoshop just to have a 'fake golden sun' effect. 
Hope  it works!

Headband - gifted | top - jellybean | skirt - oxygen | shoes - Dolce Vita | watch - invicta | bracelet - borrowed from bea

Photos are taken by Pam

Freaky trees! Really freaky!

Before I say goodbye, I just wanna share some dirty ice cream and a little post of Pam about myself. lol. Click here

Do I look good in that outfit?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekend Outfit

Sorry for the bad quality, all of them are phone pictures! :)   

out with family

going to the mall

 watched Taken 2


 at the dorm