Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy new day!

dress-Blanc et Noir | coat-Redhead | shoes-Filgiarina(old)

Welcoming 2013

2012 is such a blessing for me. Many good things happened, I turned 18. got my drivers license, travel more and spend all year in Manila *even summer and semestrial breaks!* I started blogging this year which change my life a lot! I socialize more, learn more, and share my life to strangers. I can't wait to see new happenings this new year. I wish you all a safe and a blissful year ahead!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

After the Morning Blues

Well, I'm not actually depress or in low spirits today. I just feel like saying because of my expressions in this post. *lol* I actually feel awesome week, I only have one class and after that will be our school break, it's gonna be 3 weeks and I still don't have any plans. Any suggestions? where to go or what to read?

 dress - thrifted | coat - Redhead | shoes - Dream Big Shop

Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Fake Birthday

Today is my 'fake birthday'
HAPPY 'Fake' Birthday to me.

So, this is how it started. My classmate Jona started it. I don't know what comes to her mind that she is making fun of me and out of nowhere, after our first class today, she greeted me a full of smile "Happy Birthday Lalaine!" I didn't mind her because I'm busy reviewing for a quiz on my next class. After minutes, my classmates started to greet me and ask me how old am I. That made me look straight into Jona's eyes and burst out laughing, because we never taught that our classmates will fall for it. I don't know what to say at first, but I decided to get along with that joke*kid at heart*. I feel happy and embarrassed at the same time. My classmates never sang a birthday song for me because I celebrate my birthday in some time in late summers. I feel embarrassed because my innocent classmate who didn't know that today is not my birthday include me on her prayers before our class starts, though my birthday is fake I feel grateful because of that prayer. After that, the class started to sing a happy birthday song. At first, I really don't know to whom they sing a song until I realized its for me! *I would like to say thank you to my classmates for their wonderful song because I'm a bit shy that I forgot to say thank you's to them. yay!

Classes are over and they still greet me! *ohmy!* 
This is such an epic day. I feel loved!

Me with my sister and cousins at Master Seafood after worship service.

Me at school trying to learn how to play chess by watching and asking Kim and Jhovin, my two classmates, how it should be played. Until now, I didn't get it.  Whyyyyy?!

My lens cap is guarded. Such a king!


Me and my classmates doing the Pinoy style of peace sign! 

 Today, during lunchtime I act as an eye shadow artist to my classmates. I have my make-up set with me*just a pouch, nothing big* and I can't help myself not to put some eye shadow on their eyes. Had so much fun with them today.  Especially because of my fake birthday.

P.S. Sorry for my dishonesty

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Kids of Summer

Hello everyone! 
This is my very first video post and this made my day. This is just a 20 seconds video,so I would like to hear some comments and suggestions about this little thing i made.

Videos from last year and last vacation, its all about kids because kids are really jolly and they even say the  strangest things about life. Being a kid is what we always dream to be again when life in earth is very complicated.