Monday, July 6, 2015

Barbie beauty

I have a barbie friend and her name is Astraea. Before, her name sounded like a name of a constellation to me. Haha. Anyways, it was her first time to do a photo shoot and she told me that maybe i was having a hard time taking photos of her because it was her first time. But actually I didn't! It was fun working with her. About her hair, it is real, it is pink and i love how it made people to look at her instantly. 

Long years

I can't remember when was my last post, it feels like a year ago and I don't know how to start blogging anymore! 

Me and my high school best friend AL met again after six years! Though we're on the same area in the province and back in the city, she's in Manila while I'm only in Quezon City, we don't get to interact much and we really didn't get to see each other for six years. Can you believe that? We might actually have forgotten each other. lol. But thanks to our talents, we're back together again...and nothing much has changed except for AL's hair. Haha! 

I like  that we continuously grow as artists. Me as a photographer and AL's make up talent. That's why after six years, we decided to finally again meet for a photo shoot.  ;)