Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hundred loves

After not blogging for a long time, it is nice to see that I already gained 100 followers. 
So, I wanna thank my readers for keeping me on their reading lists. Here's a big HUG for all of you! :)

I forgot about this photo from last month because this image is stored on the laptop of my cousin--which I am using right now,the reason I got to post this. I wore this dress to church where we held our Mid-Year Thanksgiving. I bought the dress two days before the event because the dress was on SALE! Who doesn't love sale huh? That means, I got this maxi dress(which I can't wear to walk without wearing high heels because it was soo long and I'm just a five-feet-two-inches girl) for a very low price! Steal it is!
In our vicinity, it was not normal to see people in long dresses like mine. I can say almost everyone is turning their heads on me, which gives me a little oomph feeling. I mean, the feeling you got when your a head turner which is a great one.

MaxiDress-Petit Monde

Thursday, August 8, 2013


Hello everyone!
Finally, mid term exams were over but I guess our feasibility study is tougher. *deep sigh* Other than exams, yesterday night, me and the members of the camera club of our uni tried to light paint our school. It doesn't turn out the way we want it to be because we were lack of light sticks, flash lights and lasers. Speaking of the lightning tools, I used to be really against shooting with artificial light and I never owned and tried a speed light before. But because speed light is the only thing that we can use that evening to gain good and no noisy photo, I give it a try. After trying the speed light of my co-photographers I felt like I wanna buy one for myself too! It creates nice effects and I find it really interesting especially while me and my friends were experimenting where is the best place for to place it to have a different kind of photo, it is very challenging! However, I'm still a artificial light fan and will always be. 

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