Sunday, December 29, 2013

Philippine Colors

I'm here now at home. Spending time with my family and eating a lot! I'm gonna stay here for just two weeks so I decided not to bring a lot of clothes with me. But that was a really wrong decision. *insert sad face* And for that matter, I often had a hard time thinking what I should wear because I already outgrown my nice clothes leaving shirts and tanks behind which I do not feel like wearing. However, my outfit today is consist of all my old clothes which I don't wear that much. And I guess, it looks good and pleasing. My sister told me that I'm wearing the Philippine flag with my red, blue, yellow outfit. Lol.

Because EJ wasn't around, my sister boringly took the photos for me. Not that bad huh? :) 

Top,Bottom - my clothes from 4 years ago, Shoes - thrifted, Sunglass - RayBans

*that awky face*

Never knew we're at the same place with our great family! My highschool classmate, Mira. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Breathe pink

I don't get enough sleep and good nutrition lately. It was a week ago that I had a very good sleep. I hate not having enough sleep and will work non stop throughout the day, I feel that I'm not healthy anymore. I mean, my body and mind is not working very well, like, I often forgot about things and easily get stressed out. yay! Also, I can see my tummy getting bigger because of sodas, junkfoods and fast food meals. *feeling so bad right now* So I feel sorry about my body now. I'm trying to exercise again but I was super lazy to do it. What to do? However, today, I'm trying my best to get back into the good shape, as a matter of fact, I refuse to eat cake! Hahaha. #hardtimes Photo by EJ

 Skater dress-thrifted, Shoes-Ichigo

Monday, December 2, 2013


 Time flies so fast. It's now the second day of December and after 4 months I hope will be graduating! For the past few days I was so busy with the different activities at school, plus I'm trying to seek and reach of our inactive member of our camera club. It was fun though. I get to see and meet new faces and share my skills by teaching them the basic camera settings and tips. About the outfit, I first saw the shirt on the web worn by Ashley Tisdale and after that I start looking for shirts like this. Glad that Strings Manila have it! Photos by EJ.

Shirt-Strings Manila, Pants-Apartment 8, Sunnies-Apostrophe, Shoes-Keds

goofing around...

Monday, October 28, 2013


Last week I was all alone in our apartment in Manila. Seminars, photo shoot and church duties are keeping me away from home for so long. I eat alone. Stroll alone. Laugh alone. Sleep and wake up alone. Mannn, I'm such an loner! Everyday, when I woke up, I just turn on the television so I don't feel alone anymore. KrisTv is my favorite morning show right now. Recently, most of their featured shows were all about good places to eat, most of those are only around Manila. Everyday I crave and I hate those moments, because I'm trying my best to be fit. But, it is so hard to resist especially when the food is free! So when my cousin came and our enrollment was rescheduled--which means, I got a company at home for 2 or 3 days. I asked him to eat out and they brought me here, Stacy's! 
I love the place. The place is full of cute and vintage stuff and will surely give you that young vibrations! Actually, I did a mini photo shoot there. Just for my cousin's girlfriend, Kate. Maybe you can take a look on her other outfits on her lookbook here.

Located at  Capitol Greenstreet Commercial Center, 1 Capitol Hills Drive Matandang Balara, Quezon City Metro Manila Philippines

 Sorry I got no photos about the food.  Hungry for sure. The foods are fantastic and I love their plates! Haha ;)

Can I have your number?

Last Wednesday I had an alone trip to Cavite to do a shoot. I was so confident on my way commuting because I've been there before, until I forgot the place of the van/bus terminal I had been. But I don't feel any nervousness within me because I know I still can go, I just have to ask/call people and follow directions. I hate that I ask two different persons who gave me two different directions! I don't know who shall I believe in. However, after an hour and half of commuting from city to a province, I got to see my friend, Khryztal. Tomorrow, legal duties are coming on her way because she is finally going to be an 18 year old babe.
Happy Birthday Khryzzy, stay beautiful inside out! :)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lovely Bones

Out of my busy schedule last sunday, me and my friend Jeanica was out for a fun shoot. I missed photo shoots! I guess my last photo shoot was with the young boys of Pampanga last August. Now I am filling up my vacant week with photo shoots, something like every other day I got one.Just to know if I can still create good photos. I am surprised because I felt that I improve on my chosen field. My editing skills improve too though I have had a hard time editing photos. I've got this color trouble with my laptop that every time I'm done editing and will transfer it to my phone. The colors are just too strong. It sucks! I hope I can fix this very soon because there will be a lot of photos coming on the road.