Sunday, May 26, 2013

Summer Week 9

Day 61. Big day of my two good friends!

 Day 62. A photo of me and mama. Tonight, we celebrate for my birthday on friday and tito Medel's birthday tomorrow!

Day 63. I almost spent the whole day messaging everyone on facebook just to get votes for an online competition and repeatedly scrolling throughout my facebook news feed and some inspirational pages. I now feel ashamed of myself as I felt that I sound like a little proud of myself for doing nothing productive today.

 Day 64. Turning nineteen today! I made this big flower crown which I will giveaway to my little cousins.

Day 65. Visitors

Monday, May 20, 2013

Summer Week 7 & 8

Day 45. Internment.

Day 46. Native foods tonight.

Day 47. Got some fake flowers for my next D.I.Y.

Day 48. I run out of facial wash so I use papa's. I can say that this is better than mine though I smell like a man. Haha

Day 49. Today, I am so conscious about what is going on on my throat, because I am having some difficulty in eating and breathing. I googled it to find out some causes, and found out that it might be a cause of anxiety. The medications for these are rest and relaxations, also I researched what should I eat. Then I saw ice cream, gelatine, very cold beverages on the  list. These remedies are just GOOD!

Day 50. We've been to The Warehouse today.

Day 51. I joined the Camera Club on our school. Isn't cool that you have a group of people whom can you share your personal feelings and experiences? I mean, they know what you're up to and what are you're going through. Unlike sharing those photo moments to the one who can't understand and just amazingly says "you're cool, can you take a photo of me too?". "Sometimes" it annoys me, but I really appreciate all the compliments and even the judgement of people about my work.

Day 52. Shoes for upcoming school days.

Day 53. Voting day.

Day 54. I received an invitation from my friends who'll be married in a few days. I am so overwhelmed to see my photos in prints and the fact that they used it on the invitations, which means a lot of people will see my work!

Day 55. Something different for today. That is my sister on our gate from 12 years ago .

Day 56. Gonna make something out of these for tomorrow's breakfast. Too early huh? :)

Day 57. Krizia is in the house!

Day 58.My two cousins reminds me of my childhood today when they took long showers at home and giggling while they were blocking the drainage to make a tiny shallow pool. Have you done this when you were young? Me, yes!

Day 59. New leggings!

Day 59. Successful evangelical mission

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Blurry Me

This is what your photo will look like when you force your friend to take a photo of you and she doesn't know how to use your camera. Blurry ME!!

 Polo-Sister's closet, Tank-Artwork, Jeans-Human, Shoes-Converse

I hate that I was sick and the doctor told me not to eat sour foods, something oily, drink juice/coffee and a little more of my favorite foods. That made me sad, seriously. When the doctor limit my food choices I suddenly realize that one of my happiness is food.

Clomi missed the shot! 
Let me introduce, me and my camera, Sarah opening her newly bought Nikon D5100, a fat guy and an accounting student who I think will give up anytime soon!

This was the day that I can't go home. So stressful!

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Warehouse

Hello! It has been a long time that I share my life here. So now, I will share where my clothes or some of my things were from. Its in some local secondhand shops on my place and the pictures that I will show you is the one in San Pablo. In our place, most of the secondhand shops sells clothing but the one in San Pablo have a lot of things to choose! I like going to secondhand shops or what we so-called "ukay-ukay". There you can find a lot of interesting pieces on low prices which made me/you wanna come back again. At The Warehouse, most of their pieces are from, bags, cameras, toys, surfboards, etc. and it is so interesting to see what Japan had had that I don't see in my country, like the girls Japanese slippers and some of their kitchenware, some of them made me think of how did the Japanese used it. Haha :)

For little feet only!


What is this for?

Polaroid for Php500! I'm on my way to buy it, but not until I discovered how to open the film area and see what the inside looked like. 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Summer Week 6

Day 38. A little treasure hunt at nonna's house.

Day 39. I usually ignore this little flower on our garden.

Day 40. Afternoon dates with Precious.

Day 41. Someone told me not to cry, be calm and strong!

Day 42. Flowers from nonna's funeral.

Day 43. One of nonna's sister.

Day 44. Always.