Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Behind the City ii

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Give me some wine

My first indoor photo shoot with my good friend Sarah. This shoot should be done outdoors*at Intramuros* but because of my laziness due of the crazy weather outside I decided to do it in our little apartment's kitchen. Last week was all about photo shoots and our mid term examinations and it is so exhausting but full of craziness during photo shoots. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Two is better than one

 Just wanna let you all know that I am not the official photographer but I wish I am. But if I was, maybe I'm not able to sleep before the day because of nervousness. Wedding last December of two persons I don't know. I was there with my parents. They were the principal sponsors of the two people, that means they have their own sits leaving me behind with no one I know. It was okay for me because I got my camera naman with me eh! :) This is my first time to take wedding pictures*a little seriously* so, I guess these photos are good. I can't take a lot of photos because of the official photographers, my long skirt and the solemnity of the ceremony might be lost because of my clumsiness.

bride with her brother

soon-to-be-husband saying his vows

the bride is a member of the University of the Philippines Singing Ambassadors(UPSA). Some of her co-members and the conductor(one of their principal sponsors) are there. UPSA performed some songs for the bride and groom, later after some songs, the conductor told the bride to sing with them...and so the bride with her husband joined the choir. At first, the bride sang a song to his husband...in the middle of the song the conductor told the groom to sing with his wife. We thought*or maybe just me* that he will be out of tune but on my surprised he got a really nice voice!
Brother Ed Manguiat

bride and groom duet

bride and groom with UPSA

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Unpublished photos of 2012

The BIG crowd of Febuary

hiking trip 
Our fearless leader

first work


1st levitation photo