Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Let's move to drama!

H&M: Yours truly. Hahaha...It was my first time!

My another roommate named Kristine Era. Last Sunday I receive an AVON vivid violet eyeshadow make-up from my aunt and I was just so excited to use it(though I am not a pro in terms of applying it). I searched on Youtube on how to apply it. I watched several videos until I guess I already know how. My friend just came from school, exhausted and noisy..haha..I asked if I could practice the eyeshadow on her and she said yes! Maybe I went overjoyed that I fully made up her face by applying the other make-up on her pale face. Hahaha. So, we decided to take a shoot. Is the art on her face look good?

P.S. Sorry for my poor english.


  1. Great photos. Nice blogs too :)

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    1. Thanks for you Aintzane!
      Sure! I'll share it. :)

  2. Beautiful :))
    Nice bloog ;)

  3. Thanks a lot Mouna. Ive been seeing your blog too and it's beautiful too! ♥