Sunday, September 8, 2013

NEU Cam Club A.K.A. Sight Club

I was super busy last week because of the photo exhibit that the Sight Club had prepared. We covered a lot of  school events, photo shoot almost all the organizations at school and took photos of us in between shoot and free time. So, until today, there is an overflow of photos on Facebook. This is my new found "family" that I've been talking about on my last post. The photo exhibit will last for 3 weeks and you can see it on the 3rd floor lobby of New Era University-QC.

 MATRIX! hahaha

 The picture on the lower left corner was mine!

Know what? We went out to school in these cute things.
 The result? everyone who sees us stares a lot! I feel a little embarrassed though, especially when someone I knew greets me. lol

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