Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wind of Summer

Some of my sight club friends visited my province, Candelaria, Quezon, last week. They only stay at our place for only 2 days, not enough to go to the beach, eat out and hang out a lot. So I took them to Silangang Nayon (which is located at Pagbilao) so they can eat seafoods(instead of pasta and meat) and enjoy the view of the sea and some islands. To my surprise, they don't like seafoods so I was like "we drove almost 1 and half hour to get in here and you guys don't like sea foods?!? Seriously?! You should've told me earlier so I took you guys to Pizza Hut!" They're so insaneeee! Haha. 
In the other news, it was the first time that my papa let me drove our car without a professional driver with me. I feel so nervous. Okay, not so much. I got some friends with me. Hihihi. I'm actually not a professional parking driver so when it comes to parking I always have my fingers crossed. I always want the parking lot to be so spacious so I will be a little bit free from accident or "sabit". Hahahaha. That day, I was so amazed that I'm electrified*lol* that I can park the car at the SM parking lot! I was so happy because I never perfected one, it always results to "okay na yan" kind of park. looool. The greatest thing that happened that day is that we had fun and we came home safe and sound.

photos by EJ, Rhads


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