Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It was a nice dream, I hope it's true

I'm sorry that I didn't put this photo in my yesterday's post, you know, same outfit. It's just that, this photo got a different theme than my previous post. This photo was taken by my good friend, Vivien. Actually it was her photo shoot not mine, but then, I can't erase my love for this kind of shots of myself, so I ask her if she can get a jumping shot of me. When I see this photo, I feel like I'm a dancer though I'm not. I feel like I'm living with no limitations and problems in life though there's a bunch. The sky is beautiful which made me smile and appreciate my every living day on earth, and the sun welcoming me to join her bright shining days that I adore a lot!


  1. Amazing photo!!!! You look really graceful.


  2. I follow you on GFC (Claudia Martinez)
    Cool picture!


  3. Amazing! Love this picture, the jump and the beautiful words! Your blog is great! Would you like to be friends on GFC?
    xx Bianca
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