Sunday, March 24, 2013

a part of my culture

Hi! I really don't know where to start, so maybe it will be better if I tell you where in the world these photos are taken. It really look like some other country in Asia but it is just inside our archipelago(PH). 

The place was jampacked full of people when we arrived there. We waited for like 2 hours before we could be seated. While waiting, I already stroll around the resto park with my friend. The huge statues really made the whole place easily to be seen along the road and look so culture-ish. We took a lot of photos as you can see. Wait, the name of the place is ISDAAN and this is located at Calauan, Laguna (the other branch is located at Tarlac).

They also have Tacsiyapo*i think it's a bad term* where you can release your anger by throwing plates, mugs, clocks and even televisions! I am really shock when I saw the television, because of the thought that you'll pay Php1,800 for it and you will throw it to the wall which is 2 and a half meters away from your standing position. I am thinking...the tv might not reach the wall because of its heaviness. Hahaha. But maybe someone can do it because of his totally hard feelings!

Gotta love those guys!

Accidentally taken, I find it cool anyways. It's like just need to be imaginative!

Me and my sister

There's a lot of things that kids can enjoy and do there!


  1. I thought these photos were taken somewhere in Thailand . Haha!
    Nice place! :)

  2. great places and love your picture shots!

    im done following you, now its your turn ;)

    xoxo, Mich

  3. Wawwww great place!

    Wanna follow each other? Let me know.

  4. Thank you for your comment, your blog is AMAZING! Those photos are really superb, really makes me want to travel now ^^
    Definitely following you :)


  5. very pretty! looks like fun!

  6. such a beautiful and colourful post! love it :)

  7. Interesting and very nice place :)