Sunday, March 31, 2013

Summer Week 1(+ 2days!)

I would love to share my summer activities to all my readers. So I've started a new photo project! I'll take a photo every day for the entire summer! I'm going to take pictures of what is the highlight of my day, the happenings around me, my thoughts and my feelings. I'll be posting the posting the photos here weekly and on my Facebook page each day. Stay tuned!

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Day 1. First day of summer and it rained. I cleaned our apartment and stay at home because tomorrow I'll be off to Quezon. So excited!

Day 2. Leaving the city

Day 3. I made some popcorn for me and my little cousin. She looks funny when she's smiling then look at me while the corns are popping. She said it sounds like firecrackers and she also says that we will be cooking a lot of popcorn on new year's eve so we will not use any firecrackers at all. Cute reasons.

 Day 4. Hello 50 kilos! Let's see if I will gain/lose weight this summer. Watch yourselves too!

Day 5. I wonder if the russians really did play these dolls like a barbie. I brought the Russian Doll at home from our shop so it will not get too dusty.

Day 6. It's almost 6pm and the sun is happily heating up! So HOT!

 Day 7. Sick day.

Day 8. Imagining things on the clouds. I remember when I was young up until now when me and my best friend try to imagine things on the clouds when we got bored. We are so imaginative that sometimes we saw a lot of weird things floating. I think I saw a pig here.

Day 9. Spend the afternoon with my high school classmates.


  1. lovely pictures :)

    that dolls are so cute btw

    xoxo, Mich

  2. Beautiful photos. I used to play with the shapes of clouds too , finding shapes and animals in them :)

  3. Thanks for your comment back!

    I follow you now on GFC! Follow
    me back dear ? :D


  4. Great photos, such a talent!! Thank you for visiting my blog.

  5. What fantastic pics, its nice seeing a glimpse into someones day :-)

    thanks so much for dropping by my blog.


  6. I just love pop corn :D

    Marisa x