Sunday, April 21, 2013

Summer Week 4

Day 24. 24th post, 24 is my birthday and 24 is my audition number. Is it a lucky sign? I hope so. My fingers are crossed for the results...I wish I am one of the lucky participants!

Day 25. We made a little space of learning in an empty building.

Day 26. Ending my long day with a cup of tea.

Day 27. Liking some portrait tees. I want some more!

Day 28. My life is getting busier right now!

Day 29. At school, I taught the kids how to draw a circle, and this is how their circles looks like! I never thought that teaching would be very tiring yet so fun!

Day 30. Socializing day.

This can't be!!!!! I posted the 4th week of summer and I'm not going to any beach yet, even the nearest one :( 

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