Thursday, April 25, 2013

thursday schooling

I never dreamed of being a teacher when I was a kid. Yes, it feels good that when you're a teacher, you will be remembered and loved by your students. It is nice to see kids, especially if they (let's admit it) were cute and just-you're-type of kid. But on my point of view, I hate being one(teacher, i mean), because of what I've experienced on my class. I thought teaching would a lot of fun and would be easy because they are kids, and kids can easily understand, obey and just behave. And for that, I was wrong. Because kids will be kids, you know, they can be monsters sometimes, and on that situations I should stay patient. Teaching gets fun when kids are listening to you, do what is being said, are able to answer the questions, know that they learned from you and the best part is, hearing weird things from them and learning from them.

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