Friday, May 10, 2013

The Warehouse

Hello! It has been a long time that I share my life here. So now, I will share where my clothes or some of my things were from. Its in some local secondhand shops on my place and the pictures that I will show you is the one in San Pablo. In our place, most of the secondhand shops sells clothing but the one in San Pablo have a lot of things to choose! I like going to secondhand shops or what we so-called "ukay-ukay". There you can find a lot of interesting pieces on low prices which made me/you wanna come back again. At The Warehouse, most of their pieces are from, bags, cameras, toys, surfboards, etc. and it is so interesting to see what Japan had had that I don't see in my country, like the girls Japanese slippers and some of their kitchenware, some of them made me think of how did the Japanese used it. Haha :)

For little feet only!


What is this for?

Polaroid for Php500! I'm on my way to buy it, but not until I discovered how to open the film area and see what the inside looked like. 

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