Saturday, July 27, 2013


These are photos from last summer. I didn't have the time to upload it right away because of my school works and all the crazy stuffs around. Right now I'm here in Quezon and will be leaving *again* tomorrow for Manila. I don't like the idea of not staying here in my room for a day. I miss my bed right now. Especially that I have this nice book written by Meg Cabot which I really loved. Her books are fun to read and a little thrilling on some part. 

Summer days on Tarlac.

We love browsing (and maybe buying them too) old things from around the globe on the Warehouse. Here are some of the things available there.  This shoes can be mine, but I am a size 8 not a size 7. 

This is what our street looks like.

Who broke that? I don't know either. lol joke. Okay I did that. How? Because I don't know that "takip lang pala yung semento" so I parked the car there and on my surprised the car slides breaking the cement and I saw the front wheel was into the hole! I will never forget this! It was my first!


  1. lovely photos :)

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  2. Beautiful photos - the dolls are so cute!I love the bike ones!

  3. Such beautiful photos :)


  4. Great photographs :)

  5. Great photos! :)
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