Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hundred loves

After not blogging for a long time, it is nice to see that I already gained 100 followers. 
So, I wanna thank my readers for keeping me on their reading lists. Here's a big HUG for all of you! :)

I forgot about this photo from last month because this image is stored on the laptop of my cousin--which I am using right now,the reason I got to post this. I wore this dress to church where we held our Mid-Year Thanksgiving. I bought the dress two days before the event because the dress was on SALE! Who doesn't love sale huh? That means, I got this maxi dress(which I can't wear to walk without wearing high heels because it was soo long and I'm just a five-feet-two-inches girl) for a very low price! Steal it is!
In our vicinity, it was not normal to see people in long dresses like mine. I can say almost everyone is turning their heads on me, which gives me a little oomph feeling. I mean, the feeling you got when your a head turner which is a great one.

MaxiDress-Petit Monde


  1. I LOVE your dress so much <3
    The colour is beautiful!

    -Lady N.

  2. So cute, the dress is beautiful, love that color!