Friday, March 28, 2014

Yesterday's blah blah

Now I believe in the saying "Everything happens for a reason". Because a week ago I posted something on Facebook that I want to do a shoot in a car park. My friends, even my long distance friends commented that they want to join in! I was so excited then, everything is almost done, except the location. But something happened two days before the shoot. Almost everyone backed out and so I cancelled the shoot which made me so disappointed and sad. Yesterday was the day of my cancelled shoot and it rained yesterday. I realized that I should not be sad that the shoot was cancelled because I will suffer more if my friends will get wet(and their cameras too) and get sick. Anyways, I spent my "yesterday" watching Divergent alone and spending funny moments with my best friend. It was a fun day!

My "yesterday" story was nothing to do about the photos. Haha!
This set of photos was done with my new found friends(people from NEU Sweethearts). For me, everything seems better when I found new friends in the field of photography. 

WARNING: too much photos!

with the team. We don't have a tripod. Haha!

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