Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sunday Trip

Last Sunday we went to Mt. Banahaw and I guess it's a perfect place for Hunger Games Philippines? Hahaha

Fish for lunch!

 Seriously, it is not easy to walk there. 

A little tent in the forest. 

What is this? It's HUGE! could this be eaten? lol

A perfect view! :)

It's September by the way. What is your September wish?
Have a great month ahead!


  1. Lovely shots :))
    i really like the lighting on your photos :D
    Thx for visiting my blog ;))

  2. MAGANDA LAHAT :D lalo na ung pangatlo tsaka ung aso :D hekhekhek

    1. Thanks. Hope we can shoot together nxt time :)

    2. ang ganda nung effect :) Ang Dreamy ^_^ sige sige.practice muna ko nang madami,baka di pa ko makasabay e XD hekhek

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  4. great photos! I love Hunger games and this place would be really great for it! :D

  5. Thank you for all the nice comments on my blog! :)
    I answered your last question beneath your comment!

    Nice landscape you photographed here - sometimes I think Germany's Nature is just boring :D