Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Every Marketing student who are invited in this event went excited before the event! But the excitement vanished when the students arrived and stuck outside waiting for an hour to open (the students are there @ 7  o' clock and they didn't let the students go in). Some of the students I saw gone mad because the event was not organized at all and it is not good to be outside because it is too windy.

During the seminar, I can see that students got a hard time listening to the speakers. Maybe it is because of the audio system or the speakers(professionals) that gone wrong. I can even say that in my (maybe)8 hours of seating and just seeing(and somehow listening, because I really can't here well what they are saying) I just remembered 15% of their explanations.

One more thing! I can see that the students nearly go for a rally (LOL) when they saw that some of the students have their lunch and the others are served after years of waiting! The distributing of foods are unorganized at all that students says a lot things about the chaotic things happened!

Somehow, I am very grateful to see my co-bloggers personally esp. Tricia(though I'm not meeting them face-to-face). They made my day that day! And I was so inspired on what they said which keeps my blog site alive!

*Hope this will not hurt anyone but  improve any kind of :)

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