Thursday, June 27, 2013

Blue skies and nature's green

I forgot to share you these photos from summer, so let me share now. My family is not a fan of fancy hotels and resorts, because we don't see ourselves like the people in those place. Early every summer, our family with our workers and some of our relatives always went to the beach, which is so called Laiya. It is a nice beach but a long drive, it has white sand, clear water and hospitable people around. But this year is different, we don't make the early summer tradition because our nona got sick and gone. 
The summer is almost into its end but mama let her family see the sea before school starts. With our little pick-up car we drove to Batangas and I brought my camera with me so I can capture the beautiful Laiya. But in my disappointment, we went to mama's customer house, which is near the beach, for a visit and ma told me that we will stay there and we will not go to Laiya anymore. Honestly, I don't like the place. They don't have nice cottages and the seashore is full of plastics and weeds! However, I got bored and I don't want to disappoint my parents too so I went to the seashore and did a clean up, took photos and grilled bananas. Hindi naman na ako masyadong disappointed ngayon :) 

Our cottage

It's actually not a resort, because fishing is the first source of income of the people there so they don't mind the trashes.

This caught my eye, we sell furnitures and I guess this will be a nice chair.

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  1. Hi, Nice photos! love them all .. Hope you can visit mine sis