Thursday, June 6, 2013

Treasure from my laptop

I've been miles away from my blog since the first week of May as I have always been a little bit busy helping my parents on our business and been involved in many church activities. I miss writing on my blog about my life, though I've been boringly updating my blog with my days of summer project, this blog serves as my diary as I don't own a diary notebook.
Anyways, tomorrow I will hand my laptop to a programmer to reformat it. I got tons of raw photos on my laptop so I decided to scan for good photos and blog them and delete all the raw! Here are some of the best photos I found, these are all treasure for me because I remember the exact things I did when I shoot all these.
I was in the dormitory when a storm came over. I was trying to take a photo of that long drops of rain but sadly I failed, it looks like snow on the first look.
Pam is a mutual friend of me and JR. She saw my works on Facebook and she says all the good things about my work which I totally adore. We started our little conversations on Facebook. She asks me things about photography and so on. We became friends on this big website and decided to meet-up on UP to do a photo shoot--I was the model and she's the photographer. I remember how she loves to capture the little still things, like rusty padlocks. Now, she's doing portraits and she really has a nice editing talent. A little photo of her right here. Pam always does this pose on our first shoot.
I find this photo funny and realistic too! Remember your high school days, when you chose to walk the long way just to pass by the room of your crush, so maybe, he/she will recognize you and with your hopes up, he/she will like you back.

 I love how my prime lens made a wide angle-like photo.
See that house? That was the house of mama when they were young.
Just a little treasure. It was so seldom that I will see a photo of me doing my daily routine.
A blurry photo can be a nice photo too!
I was walking with Kuya Alan when I took this photo. Those houses are the ones beside the dirty stinking river.
Last year I spent my summer in summer classes. After classes or no-class day I go out alone or with companion wandering or trying foods that are new for my taste buds. 
When It's too hot outside, I stay at the dormitory reading a lot of novels. I've read 10 good stories last summer.
An explosion of soil. Kika dig a hole in our garden.
A day before my 18th birthday I received my battery grip from my wealthy friend. Haha :)
Doing some street photos on one of my shoots.
I love the place where Vivien took me after our afternoon shoot. I love art. I love that people see art in different ways, even if it's dirty or something that you just can't understand and describe. For me, art is expressing what you feel on your own special ways and point of view. And I just love how people combine good food and cool art. Isn't just so awesome? I love their graffiti! Anyways, it's the Four Fingers at SM North Edsa. It's a fast food chain like Bonchon.
Cool cups!
I never try and I am willing to try to ride a Ferris wheel.
Precious and I had a hard time choosing a place to eat. We love to try something new so we enter a Japanese resto. We really get excited to eat something new but something new doesn't always taste great. We wasted money. We agreed that street foods are better than Japanese's and decided to never ever go back to that resto again!
Just showing some love of nature.


  1. Kita pa yung bulaklakin kong brief XD nga pala namiss ko yung mga post mong ganito :) ANG GANDA :)

    1. namiss ko din to. haha. infairness, fumofloral ka! ahaha. ;) napansin mo? mejo nagbago ako ng tones? hehe. nagtatanong lang kung napansin mo :P

    2. Mas magaan ang coloring mo ngayon :)Oo fumofloral ako. haha! Yehey XD

  2. Your photos are precious! i love the one of the boys running :)

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth