Tuesday, June 11, 2013

End of Summer Week 12

The 12 weeks of summer had just ended and it was a good break. I am sorry that I upload this photos a bit late than I used to upload the others. I love the photos from last week. I guess  last week had the most interesting photos within my "Days of Summer" project. I feel great right now that I'm blogging this! I can't believe that I finished my self-proclaimed project! Because all I can finish before was the projects announced by my professors which is actually not a fun thing to do, because it requires a lot of research and mind-blowing thingy. But now that I finish mine, I don't know what is the exact word to express my feelings. Maybe I can say that I feel different, I mean, I feel awesome!

Day 73. Did a shoot for my cousin's 7th birthday on July.

Day 74. Be fit!

Day 75. I'm left at home cleaning, cooking and reading this old book with that odd smell which made the book a bit enchanting.

Day 76. Brush your teeth before bedtime fellas! Today, I found this crazy me on my laptop.

Day 77. I hate it when our dog dig a hole in our garden, that what happened today.

Day 78. Got the chance to see the sea before summer ends.

Day 79. I collected these seashells when I was eleven along the seashore. And my favorite is the one in the middle.

Day 80. Today is the last day of summer, went back to the city, ate huge burger until the rain poured tonight.


  1. lovely photos :)

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  2. Love it! The last photo is so nice! :D By the way, Congrats sa project mo! hehe :)
    Biruin mo yun, 80days..