Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer Week 10

Day 66. Healthy dinner.
Day 67. Aside for the mini "pansitan" in our house with some of my friends, nothing special happened today...just like this photo.

Day 68. Yesterday we visited Tarlac. Here is a photo of a sunset on our way home.
Day 69. We visited Baby Jean at the hospital.
Day 70. Techy games are somehow paused tonight.
Day 71. I have a lot of words in my mind right now waiting to be told, but I decided not to tell him/her/anyone because of the possibility of getting hurt. It is hard to tell someone that you see their lives in a mess, specially when that someone is your family or closest friends. You will hurt him/her/them and they might throw a bad word back to you, and that is the sad part.
Day 72. Happy June! Today, I try to make a macro photo with my 35mm lens. This is the result. Fail!


  1. looks beautiful! and i hope jean gets better :(

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  2. Happy June Lala! :) i-365 days na yang project na yan!>:) HAHAHA! XD