Sunday, December 28, 2014

Arrivideci Italia

Though this post will be a very late post about my trip back to Italy from Spain, for the sake of my memories and the nice photos that I took, I'll be writing it here. This would be my last post from my Italy-Spain-Italy tour. #quickpost

 MILAN. Me with my relatives went to Milan to attend a singing contest. We left Rome at 2am and got to Milan at 7am, I guess we're the earliest to arrive. There's a lot of time to kill before the final stage rehearsal will start so before going to the event proper we took a little walk in the second biggest city in Italy.  Milan is nice but I like it better at Rome. ;)


Shopping and dining place. The structures were very luxurious.

Streets in Milan

Don't you just love this vintage tram? thought every tram in Europe was like this but there's none of this in Rome. Sad thing I didn't get to ride in it.

PISA. I always thought that it would really be so tall! But when I get off the car and saw the tower from afar, I was a bit disappointed. My friend expects the same thing too. So if you also thought that the Leaning tower of Pisa is so high then you better accept that it is not. But just on the first look. Because when you really look or come closer, you'll notice that it is really a bit high. It is so cool to see a lot of people taking the coolest selfie around the tower! People are everywhere in this place.

FIRENZE. My hands are numb and shaking. It was so cold when we arrived in Firenze. I guess we're at the high grounds where we had an amazing view of the city! I'm freezing and some of the kids start to get sick. 

After two days of touring around Milan, Lucca(didn't get a pic of this place), Pisa and Firenze, I am back to Rome...touring again. Though I stayed in Rome for so many days, there were just too many places to visit in Rome that I wan't able to visit because of the lack of time. There's almost a hundred places!!! So I guess, I should definitely go back to Italy to see the sights I miss. And I think Sicily would be  a perfect destination too!

Arrividerci Italia!

On my flight back home I saw that another plane wants a race. lol


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