Monday, December 8, 2014

Ciao Roma!

I dedicate this post to my friends that I miss the most and to those who really want to know my experience there. 

It has been almost a month now from the day I came back from Italy. I didn't blog a lot nowadays because I just don't feel like it, and also, I really don't have the motivation to write. Sometimes, I think that I lost my little passion for this stuff and photography. But, here I am now, blogging. Again. Saving and sharing the memories online.

I was born at Italy and lived there til I was four, i think? and every time that my friends will ask me what Italy looks like, or what does snow looks like... I said nothing. I felt like I was never born nor lived there because I was still a kid at that time. So the only thing that tells the story is the photo albums. Okaaaaay.... So this year, the year I finished college, my parents let me go to Italy for the first time, all alone! It has been 16 years and I was just so excited to go, I just realized now(yes, just now) that I travel alone for the first time, overseas, alone for the first time and before my papa took me to the airport I never felt nervous. Am I really that independent now? I always want to be alone, but there are moments that i'll just think "why I'm alone?" "why do i want to be alone?" "why were people not with me now?" "do they feel bored with me?". Okay, maybe I just have to accept that sometimes I am closing those doors to be with somebody who wants to be with me but I just don't feel like I want them with me, that I'm always sticking to the people who doesn't like me while i'm feeling the other way around.

Let's get back to my trip, it was my first time as an adult to ride an airplane and people told me to chew lots of gums during the take off and landing of the aircraft, so I won't feel much air pressure in my ears. I did that during the take off from PH and I felt like a fool chewing gums because it was just me who chewed gums during the take off. lol. 20 minutes before landing to Hong Kong, I felt all the air pressure in my ears, i'm a paranoid kind of girl, and I felt like the pain in my ears is connected to my brain and soon I will be deaf. *lol*Then I tell myself, if only an airplane is a roller coaster, I will tell the pilot to stop so I can get off. *face palm* Good thing I manage to calm myself until we landed to Hong Kong, I'm so relieved I'm not deaf. Haha! I even ask my friend to ask google what should I do to decrease the ear pressure. HAHA. then he answered yawning and chewing gums. Because chewing gums don't work, I yawned and yawned like a fool at airport. (Guess who's laughing at herself now. hahahaha)

If you want to see my daily ig pictures of my tour, click here, Lalaine Photos

In PH, we always joke around like this: "I wish our country will be air conditioned someday".
When I get off the airplane at Italy, cold winds touches my skin and I said to myself, "so this is what an air conditioned country feels like. Haha! It feels good, I really am in another place, i love the weather". My uncles picked me up at the airport. On our way, I was like a bit disappointed of what I saw. There's no buildings around, there maybe a few but the walls are full of vandalism. I didn't picture Italy like that though. There are no tall buildings in Italy, you can actually count how many floors a building has within a second, that's because they say Italians give a big importance to their history. They will even stop building a metro train rails if they found a relic and probably look for more. I guess that is the reason why they only have a few train lines in Rome. 

Moving forward, my cousin Megan is my everyday companion in Rome, she's just 14 and can't understand well of tagalog, so sometimes I'm having a hard time talking to her because I doubt if she can really understand what i'm saying. We always ride the bus and the train if we're to go out and unlike in PH, it is so convenient to go to one place to another by commuting or maybe just walk, if a car is not available. Speaking of walking, I guess there's no place in Europe where you will never walk a mile or so if touring around. Because I'm on a tour, I walked a lot! Like 8 kilometers a day. I thought I can burn my fats just by walking that long because I'm eating all the good food there...but no, the fats are still with me. It's been a month now! Hahaha!

For a day, Megan and I went out for a trip to Foro Romano, Colosseo, Piazza Venezia and Via del Corso. We walked until are feet and legs got tired. Here, I really feel that I'm in Italy. I can see their history very well and there were so many ruins, I lost count. I wonder, what would it feels like if there where really time travelers, you know, like in the movies or what if I am born in the past and not today. Sometimes, I just had those thoughts and feelings, like I want to know what it feels like to live in the ancient world. Did you have those thoughts too?*lol! too much imagination here!*


Arch of Constantine

Piazza Venezia

On our way to Foro Romano

ancient buildings in every corner

black shoes and a lady who noticed me

The Column of Marcus Aurelius in Piazza Colona. The history is inscribed and preserved wonderfully, I find it as a cool way to tell history publicly.

Along Via del Corso there is an H&M branch this BIG! The building is just for H&M, no one got out empty handed.

I was at via del corso thrice a week on my first week. I just love being there seeing so much people all over the world, street artist everywhere like painters, musicians and performers, lots of shops where cheap and branded are all present. This street is always full of life.

Street painters, they're the coolest! They can finish a very magical paintings with their spray paint  and some little tools for only 7 minutes or so. 

This is how people gather when someone is painting like the above photo.

On the other day, Darren and I went to Pantheon. A church where there is central opening in the very middle of the dome-like ceiling. 

Obelisk of Ramases II at the end of via del corso. You can encounter lots of street performers here.

I'm so disappointed not to see the famous Fontana di Trevi working. They say its under renovation for 4 months but still not finished, however, the officials made a little bridge for the tourist to have a closer look, throw a coin and make a wish. 

Fountain in the middle of the road. I find the fountains add more drama to their city.

kids at the Termini

that's all for now, next time I will share about my trip to Spain. 

Did this post during the hit of Typhoon Ruby because I'm stuck at home and there's nothing to do.
I wish everyone is safe. 


  1. Wow, Italy! Wanna visit that place someday too. :) Nice photos!

  2. Wowwwww OMG! You're so lucky Lalaine! How I wish I could visit Europe someday! Your photographs looked really gorgeous!!!! Ahh so jealous!! hehehe
    So nice of you to share your experience with us! You're amazing! Can't wait for another post from your whole trip. Ang romantic ng lugar, now I'm thinking of equally romantic things lol boo me hahaha btw, I'm following you now :D I am Tin, a blogger from Cebu, it's nice to be in your blog :) hope to hear from you soon <3

    love lots,