Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Grace Apartment (A place to stay in Rome)

The place is spacious ,peaceful and luxurious. That would be my first impression when I enter the room. I love my stay there a lot, I was alone and sometimes I just don't want to get out for a stroll and just stay inside instead, have a quality time reading in a very very lovely chair beside the window or just lie in the bed enjoying the view of the old designed ceiling and very gothic chandelier. (Did I just say that I love the furniture that much? lol. Sorry, can't help it.)

The apartment have 3rooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, a wardrobe room and living room. Everything works fine inside the room, they have a washing machine, heater, air condition, wi-fi, a complete dining set, iron thing-ies, stoves, microwave and refrigerator. Everything is furnished with care. 

The location of the place is a little bit far though, but it's okay, there's a tram a few meters away that you can take and you'll be at Piazza Venezia already, from there you can just walk around and discover the history Rome. Well, history is everywhere in Rome though. lol. 
As I said, I was alone in the apartment, I didn't get bored because I get friends with the receptionist downstairs, he's a Filipino so we have the same language and we chatted a lot. He told me that he can take me around Rome and take/fetch me to/from the airport if I wanted to. That's what they offer there. He's is very easy to talk to and reliable. I recommend this place for families or company groups because it is spacious. 

Located at Via di San Francesco a Ripa in Trastevere
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Photos below were taken by me.

Good mornings need an obligatory selfie. =) 

Feeling more beautiful when you see yourself in a nice mirror.

Master's Bedroom. Yeah, I'm so lazy to clean it up for a pic. That's a pillow at the corner and the cabinet that totally freaks me out. I didn't open it.

Kitchen/Dining area

the hallway to the two rooms, bathroom and wardrobe room.

Bedroom 2.

Bedroom 3. 

The living room where I spent most of my stay here. I eat, wifi, watch MTV, read and sleep here.

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  1. Gorgeous place, and as somebody who lived in Rome, I can tell you it is not far, you are in the center of everything Trastevere is so much more fun than Piazza Venezia. Enjoy!