Thursday, December 18, 2014

Madrid, Spain

Most of the buildings around in Italy looks ancient, while in Barcelona, it look more like a city here in the Philippines because of the architectures and tall buildings, just much cleaner. In Madrid, ancient and modern buildings are present. But I noticed that all the ancient buildings have a statue, if not on the sides then it'll be on the top. I don't know what it represents though. Maybe they were the powerful people of the past. 

We stayed in Madrid for 2 nights and 2 days only. It was short but full of fun. I never got bored. Still with ate Marinette with me, we made a lot of new friends there. Sometimes I find it a little funny that  they made a schedule who will be spending the tour with us for the rest of the day. I can't actually believe that they planned it really well. From breakfast up to midnight we had our friends with us. Just for one day I met a lot of beautiful people, literally beautiful, in and out. 

If I would go back to Madrid, I'll go back because of my new friends. They're awesome! Their bond is so tight, I envy them.

A view from the top of a shopping mall. There's this window where you will see the busy street, Gran Via. I think it would be really cool if I photograph it at night, but sad we're not able to go back because there's still a lot for me to see in Madrid.

They say Spanish couples are so showy when they're in love. Okay, I get it. It's okay for me to see a young couple kissing in front of me, but seeing oldies who have been in their 60's already, kissing in the middle of this street, passionately in slow mo. I can't take that anymore. That's gross. 

I am not sure if she's a former queen.

The side building of the Royal Palace

Royal Palace(front). 

Almudena Cathedral, where only the Royals got married there.

I felt like I'm in Alice in Wonderland! The garden is so wonderful. 

There are so many people who did this for a living. I still wonder how they were able to float or remain like that in mid-air. 

 Plaza de Cibeles. My friend told me that this building was once buried when an another country invade the Spain. Yes, they covered it with soil because, just like what my friend said, it was Spain's treasure. I find it weird tho. Covering this nice structure with soil. That looks like a hill in my mind. 

Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

Museo del Prado

Look at that tree then look for a man. Now, Do you realize how tall it is? 

Templo of Debod. A temple that is originally built by the Egyptians and been moved to Spain. They say there is something cool about this temple. About how the sun rays passes through the tunnels up to that temple, maybe. lol. I can't remember it too well.

  Back of the temple.

Best view I've seen

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